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Dear Guest,

Warmest greetings from the Veluvana Family!

Welcome to a new way of responsible travel & stay, where unique design meets wild nature and sustainability becomes a way of life.

Veluvana is a unique bamboo house with magical Mount Agung and the lush Sidemen Valley. Each house is inspired by various animals’ structure as part of the creatures in the world and takes advantage of the open space concept which provides a deep connection with nature that aim to give positive energy to recover your soul. We strive to deliver exceptional and unique experience to all of our guests. We open our doors to the public to share this slice of paradise with the lucky ones. Congratulations! You are one of them.

Our commitment is adhering to sustainable principles through preserving natural resources, promoting local heritage and letting local communities get involved. As you are enable to explore our open space houses, we require you to enjoy it in responsible ways as a part of ensuring your safety and convenience.

Before you book, please read a few details for your consideration:

Our houses are located directly to the nature. Hereby, there are some critical safety rules that need to be complied. When you check-in at our hotel you will also be required to sign a LIABILITY WAIVER FORM whose contents are in accordance with the following explanation:

  • Owl House
    Our Owl House is completed with a hammock for you to lay down. Please hang your body safely and comfortably then keep it balanced to avoid falling to the ground. Don’t ignore the maximum weight capacity, which should not exceed 200 kg. If you have a fear of heights, never use a hammock without any supervision or someone next to you.

  • Cobra House
    Before you slide the moving bed, always make sure that there are no sharp or dangerous objects left. Be careful with some interior/exterior materials, especially glass as it is considered a fragile object. Only use the wooden stairs to reach the pool instead of jumping, further from the highest level of bamboo building. For public safety reasons, we do need your help to remain responsible by reducing filming or recording extreme scenes.

  • Scorpio House
    Please notice that we have a secret door to access the pool. Press the button carefully and functionally. Pressing it frequently without any purpose to access the pool can harm users and hosts.
    The pool seems high from above, but is actually shallow. We forbid you to jump from the main bed further more filming extreme jumping scenes.

  • Manta House
    The swimming pool design is framed with glass material and no handrail except the walls. Don’t stand or run on the edges of the pool to avoid the glass breaking. Only swim within your ability; please don’t jump. It may injure your head and the whole body especially when you hit the glass surface. Be careful while taking a walk around the pool because this area can be very slippery, especially when wet.

  • Octopus House
    Please, only swing the bed within normal swing limits. Irregular and fast swings can result in being thrown outside the safety zone.
    Get yourself aware of the operation of the elevator before using it. Always close the safety rail after getting yourself in and watch the movement of the elevator. Don’t stand above the moving line track when the elevator is operated by other guests. The rooftop pool doesn’t have any handrail. Don’t position yourself against the safety zone and only swim within your ability. It’s strictly prohibited to jump from the pool to the ground floor and always watch your step when the area gets wet.

It’s mandatory to keep the bamboo building during your stay considering that bamboo is combustible and flammable when they are exposed to fire. Thus, keep the area free of smoking activity and any flammable activities.

Please be mindful as you walk through our property. We have placed natural stone pathways and steps, and many of our surfaces are uneven.

Your safety is our highest priority. However, please understand that you are visiting or staying with us at your own risk. We decline any liability for injuries incurred on our property during activities undertaken at or organized by Veluvana Bali, and we cannot be held responsible for damages or compensation in the event of an accident or incident. Your signature bellow signifies to the fullest extent the waiver of your right to hold Veluvana Bali liable for compensation or other expenses incurred by you or your guest and visitors, irrespective of the cause (including terrorism, force majeure, and acts of god).

Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Please keep noise level low to respect the tranquility of our property.

You undertake to make every guest in your party aware of this notice and the details herein. And to accept all responsibility for the people in your group booking.

Our aim is to make your visit or stay as carefree and joyous as possible. However, Veluvana Bali guests are expected to behave in a safe and respectful manner. If you or any one in your party behaves in a manner which we consider to be unsafe or disrespectful or the cause of nuisance or danger to others on the property, at our request, you undertake to forthwith leave Veluvana Bali.

Our spectacular concept design to make the bamboo house looks more spectacular and has unique and special each house, therefore we didn’t provide barrier railing for certain parts as a protector to keep our concept going on. Please keep carefully for your activities in the house to make you still save.

Your privacy will be the top one with us, If you have your own drone, Please use it around the house only, make sure message us before you do and not disturbing other guest with the noise, shooting and so on, If this happens, We are able reserve the right to terminate your drone and make other guest more comfortable.

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